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Business Planning

Business lawyer In Freeport, Illinois

A new business should get off to a good start. For prospective business owners, we organize and form new companies, which includes selecting an appropriate legal structure (e.g., Limited Liability Companies ( LLC), C-Corporation, S-Corporation, partnership) and drafting internal governing documents such as Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Contracts, Operating Agreements, and By-laws to govern the company’s day-to-day operation. A properly formed and maintained corporation can protect its owners from personal liability for corporate actions, reduce the tax impact on company revenue, and provide flexibility in seeking investment to raise capital and grow your business.

As your company grows, new corporate issues will arise. We assist you in the preparation and negotiation of contracts with potential business partners, vendors, service providers, and independent contractors. We can advise you on various funding options, such as venture capital, debt, stock purchase agreements, convertible notes, and financing contracts if you require capital. We can organize and facilitate a merger, acquisition, or sale if you decide to expand or exit your business.

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